Shopify Vs WooCommerce vs Magento vs BigCommerce vs Shoptez - Which Ecommerce Platform is Right for You?


Since the pandemic, online shopping has not remained a hobby anymore, it is a necessity. Many businesses that failed to adapt to the constant change occurring in the way people shop has been outdated.

Making your business go online can have many benefits in the current competitive world such as low-cost maintenance, customer data insights, cheaper but more effective marketing mediums, serve a niche market, making your product available worldwide, and many more.

India, a country with more than 1.25 billion people has a tremendous land of opportunities where not going online with your business becomes a huge disadvantage. One cannot reach this huge of a market without going online.

SHOPTEZ is a website that provides a platform to get your business to go online. It helps you create an online store for your products without you needing any knowledge of coding. Just by adding pictures and information of your products, you can now sell your products to a worldwide audience.

SHOPTEZ is a company providing a platform to business for e-commerce it is based in Bangalore the digital hub of India. SHOPTEZ is an India-based company that would facilitate one’s company to have a full online presence.

It provides all the necessary tools that would be required by a company to mark its presence online. With the Government of India initiating and promoting the Digital India campaign in which the goal is to provide better internet connectivity to the entire nation, the potential for your business is likely to go skyrocketing.

Also, the digital presence of a company not only helps in increasing the profit margins but also allows one to take their business to a global market with fewer resources and courses of action.

The government of India initiated the Aatmanirbhar Bharat campaign which promotes India getting self-dependent and also exporting goods to other countries. To reach a global audience, one needs a platform that Shoptez provides to their consumers. It provides tools and insights for you to manage a large target audience when expanding your business to the online market.

About Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce:

Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce are the old players in the field of eCommerce. Shopify providing the service for the past 16 years and Magneto for the past 14 years.

These websites provide enormous templates and designs for website development. But out of the number of templates, only a few of the templates are very free of cost.

Thus, a small-scale business wanting to start the business online would have to pay a very high amount in dollars to be able to use templates. As these companies are not based in India the money they would be charging would be in the native currency to the company’s headquarters converting to INR is a very huge amount in the Indian market.

Shopify charges the transaction fees per item sold. Including to it only 10 out of 100+ templates they offer are free of charge. By default, they have only three attributes added.

Magneto is written in PHP and is not user-friendly either. There are no predefined themes that would be available to you. This means that we would have to design the website from the scratch and hence there must be some experience about coding before developing the code or else one needs to hire a developer. It’s a free source but to host your website online some other site needs to be approached which might cost you the hosting as well as the maintenance cost.

WooCommerce is a plugin for the blogging website WordPress. It has a built-in blogging feature included. Have pre-installed and multiple gateway options too.

But it does not have a customer support feature which might hinder the communication process and build a gap between the business and the consumer. Using the templates available is free of charge but if one wants to customize it then again it is tedious work and needs some basic experience in coding.

BigCommerce is one of the good options to host the business online as it has some good built-in features that might be useful for marketing.

Shoptez is a relatively new platform in this sector but it has some great features such as:

Features provided by Shoptez:

Management of your business- A single dashboard that enables you to access all the information regarding your products, shipping details, payment details, gaining insights and statistics on buying patterns of your customers which becomes important in growing your business.

Easy to Build and Customisable - Without having any knowledge of coding, it lets you create an online business place for your customers in or outside India can easily look for and order from. By simply adding Information and pictures of your products would do the work, It's that simple!

Design: Shoptez is designed with such precision that it can work and look just as great on every device. Be it Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile, it runs perfectly without any lagging or bugs. One can design how their products would be displayed along with Information and how would the overall looks of their products be. Shoptez is crafted so well that it attracts a customer by enhancing their shopping experience.

Affordable: Shoptez provides services that are affordable and at a point when one is entering into an online business, affordability and low cost are desired. Compared to other platforms it has minimal charges and low-cost maintenance with a platform to grow your business online.

Live Chat Support: It even has a Live Chat Support that helps you with the guidance you need to solve any queries or issues faced. In case any problem acquires, their tech support and customer service support would be there and happy to help you.

Shoptez is a well-crafted website providing you a platform, a tool, for your business to grow online and reach a global audience. With the help of perfect tools and excellent services, it is time to get your business online with the help of SHOPTEZ and boost sales and create a brand.

Considering the Vocal For Local campaign by our Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi, we should support the Indian companies that provide such a platform for your business at affordable services.